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If you have a family, business, or other financial commitments, the impact of an unexpected death can loom large. Certainty of cover ensures your loved ones will survive financially should the worst happen, making all the difference at a time when support is most needed.

Our Life Cover is tailor-designed by our insurance advisers in Auckland. It essentially pays a lump sum if you die, protecting the lifestyle and future of those you care about the most.


Our Trauma Cover provides a lump sum payment should you suffer one of the covered conditions, which by nature are serious, potentially life threatening, and would likely result in significant financial impact. Trauma Cover is designed to help alleviate this financial burden by paying out cash to reduce debt, purchase specialised equipment, pay for home modifications, provide additional care, create an investment to generate ongoing income, or restructure business ownership, among other things. The choice is yours.

Income/Mortgage Protection

For most people, housing accounts for the largest share of their monthly expenses. It can become a major concern if income is lost due to illness or injury. Mortgage and Income Protection Cover can help you look after what’s yours, regardless of what the future holds.

In the event of a medical setback, our Mortgage and Income Protection Cover can provide you with regular monthly payments so you can focus on regaining your independence.

Medical (Health)

The ACC does a great job supporting people who have suffered accidental injuries. However, many health issues Kiwis face are not accidental and can cost thousands. Additionally, your healthcare needs will change as you get older, so protecting yourself now will ensure you’re prepared.

Our Medical Cover provides the funding to receive private medical treatment whenever you require more immediate access or a broader range of treatment options than are available to you through the public health system.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover provides a lump sum payment should you completely lose your ability to work (or carry out normal tasks if unemployed) due to illness or injury. TPD Cover is designed to help alleviate the significant financial impact that losing an income forever would likely cause. The purpose of the lump sum benefit is entirely yours to decide.

Household Expenses

Household Expenses Cover provides a financial safety net should you become disabled as a result of sickness or injury, and are no longer able to meet your regular household expenses. Our Household Expenses cover can help you address private school fees, electricity, gas, water, phone, rent, rates, body corporate fees, paid television, internet, house, content and motor vehicle insurance premiums, hire purchases, and bank loans or other personal loan repayments.

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