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Whether you’re an experienced home buyer or taking your first step onto the property ladder, EverBright Finance is the home mortgage adviser company you’ve been looking for. When buying property, you need a home loan adviser that can offer helpful mortgage advice as well as competitive mortgage rates.

We offer a flexible service that gives you the power to choose how and when you want to deal with us. Whether that’s online, over the phone, or over a hot cup of coffee at one of our three branches in Auckland, New Zealand, we’re here to help whenever you need us.

EverBright boasts a full process service to help make buying your dream home a more affordable reality, and you can be confident we’ll find the right mortgage for you.

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Your ability to get a mortgage depends on many factors, including the amount you wish to borrow and the relative size of your deposit, along with your credit history. Some additional factors to consider include your employment status and income, credit rating, expenses, dependent children, and existing debt.

Before applying for a mortgage, you may want to work out your budget to get an idea of how much you can borrow. Ensure you can cover your deposit and monthly repayments, with enough to spare for any associated fees.

You may need to reduce any existing debts and you’ll also want to understand your credit score. You can get your score from your credit report. You’re entitled to one free copy from each of New Zealand’s principal credit reference agencies.

Lenders will often have widely varying policies about their lending criteria, credit history, and how much they will lend. Before you apply for a mortgage, it’s a good idea to know your ability to borrow. If not, a failed application could lower your credit score and negatively affect your future options.

EverBright Finance can help you get an eligibility check if you are a first time buyer, if you’re climbing the property ladder by changing homes, if you’re in the market for an investment property, or if you just want to re-mortgage. We match your information with the affordability and eligibility criteria of the lenders who we work with on our panel. Then, each lender will return a unique result on their willingness to lend to you.

Please note that this service is not advice and does not examine whether a mortgage is suitable for your needs. Eligibility results from lenders are indicative only and may change if you choose to apply for a mortgage.

No, it won’t. A soft search will not lower your credit score. Lenders are not able to view it on your credit report as you’re not actually applying for a mortgage.

In order to work out how much you could borrow, we need to conduct a “soft” credit search with a credit reference agency against your credit file. However, you will be able to view it when you access your credit report.

We calculate your eligibility check based on the information you provided about your household, income, expenses, your borrowing requirements, and results of a soft credit bureau search. We base your results against a panel of lenders. Each lender returns a unique result on their willingness to lend to you. We’ve simplified this information and prepared a summary view to provide your eligibility amount or range.

The information we provide is a guide to help you understand your personal mortgage eligibility better. As a comparison service, we do not offer advice or recommendations in relation to specific mortgage products.

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