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Peer-to-Peer Lending in New Zealand

Investing in Zagga is simple and transparent.
I can choose the loans that suit my own risk appetite.

Peer-to-peer lending is a lending arrangement that enables investors to fund borrowers via an online platform, without the involvement of traditional financial institutions like banks. Essentially, peer-to-peer lending provides a platform for investors and borrowers to do business.

Peer-to-peer lending is regulated and scrutinised by the same strict standards as traditional lenders. This is done by the Financial Marketers Authority (FMA) who are also responsible for issuing licenses.

Zagga is fully licensed and holds a Financial Service Provider license (FSP 393946) to provider P2P lending under the Financial Marketers Conduct Act (2013). Additionally, Zagga fully complies with the requirements of the Responsible Lending Code and applicable Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Since 2015, the Zagga peer-to-peer platform has been empowering people to borrow money at competitive rates and with more flexible criteria than banks can offer. Investors can get access to new investment opportunities. They can receive attractive returns, regular monthly payments, investment security, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing exactly where their money is invested.

EverBright works with Zagga to help customers fund their projects. Thanks to the success for our clients, the partnership has now been extended to help EverBright’s customers enter peer-to-peer investments.

Zagga provides a platform to seamlessly match the investment risk preferences of registered investors to the credit risk of approved borrowers. Matching investors can access relevant loan information before committing to fund the loan.

Loans are secured first by a registered mortgage over the borrower’s property. The interest rate is determined using the Zagga Credit Assessment Score. This is a combination of Zagga’s detailed credit assessment, the loan amount, and the value against the security property (LVR).

Zagga’s flexible lending criteria and ability to cater for larger loan sizes allows them to help more borrowers while still offering strong, risk mitigated capital gains to property investors.

Property Investment at a Glance

Our Property Investment Process is Simple



  • Investor creates an account


  • provide your details


  • Confirm investor eligibility and complete your investment profile


  • notification of investment opportunity
  • log in and review loan information
  • choose to fund all or part of loan


  • investment amount confirmed
  • transfer funds